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Inspiring stories from Healing Touch Students

The best stories come from students, some only days after completing class. Techniques are from Level 1 except where noted.

From Carol McGotty:
My husband Gary (a converting "skeptic" of HT) had a bout with gout
recently that was so painful he asked me to do "my thing" for his elbow.
The pain was so severe he could not sleep. I assessed the area and then
did Chakra Connection and Pain Drain nightly for one week. I also did Hands in Motion (above the elbow and arm) and Hands Still on the elbow because of the swelling and pain. The first night I used it, Gary had his first full night's sleep in several days. He shared the next day that it felt as if the heat and pain were being "sucked out" of his elbow. He also said my hands felt cool near his arm but warm on rest of his body.

Gary is better now. He takes his daily medication and just shot 2 buckets of balls to prepare for playing golf with friends.

From Gail Glazer:
The day after completing HT Level 1, a friend unexpectedly dropped by.
She was visibly distraught over many life changing events plus a hard day at work. Although I was a little nervous, I asked if she would like to experience what I had learned at the Healing Touch class. She agreed.

I referred to my book and set my intention to aid in calming my friend.
When I began, her breathing was very rapid so I decided to do Hands in Motion followed by a modified Chakra Spread. As I used the techniques, she became more and more calm. She stated that she had this sense of being able to be more focused yet relaxed than she had been in ages. She also felt her energy had somehow come together. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and I know with practice I will only become better. I have since used Healing Touch on several friends and look forward to taking Level 2.

From Linda Bettler:
Two days after I completed, Healing Touch Level One, my 77-year-old
Mom fell down an embankment and was cut badly on her head and arms.
She went to the emergency room where she received a tetanus shot and had stitches in both her temple and hands. She also had two black eyes and
was unstable.

The next day, her arm was very sore where she had received the tetanus shot. I did Hands in Motion on her arm followed by Pain Drain. The pain was gone immediately and she could use her arm without ever feeling the effects of the shot again!

Four days after her fall, she still had residual pressure in her face and a headachy feeling, so I did a Chakra Connection and then Pain Drain on
her face where she had discomfort. She said the pressure and the headache ceased and she was able to open her eyes easily. She tried to get up,
but said she was feeling "woozy" and decided to enjoy the relaxed state
and just lie in bed. She was so "at peace".

Thanks to all who shared these stories.
May your experience help and inspire others.

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