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Video on HT

Combining High Tech with Healing Touch
View HT as practiced at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center,
Winston-Salem, NC


Healing Touch helps patients at a Tampa hospital
Watch this interesting clip of Healing Touch at Baycare.

Articles on HT

Healing Touch Helps Patients at Morristown Memorial Hospital
Featured article from the Morris County Daily Record.

A Comparison: Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch & Reiki
Learn the differences between these well-known energetic modalities.

USA Today Feature Article on Healing Touch
Read how Scripps Green Hospital, LaJolla, CA
uses HT to assist cardiac patients.

Reuters News Service on Healing Touch at NYU Medical Center
Read how NYU Medical Center uses HT to ease a hospital stay.

Returning Nursing to Its Compassionate Roots
Learn how HT will enhance your nursing practice and renew your work.

Growing a Healing Touch Practice Group
Read how attending local practice group will enhance your life.

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